About Us

Green Movement

USFUNPLUGGED is an outreach arm of the Department of Environmental Safety, brought to you by the student Sustainability Liaison’s of USF. Here to assist and encourage, we want you to get involved with the GREEN movement taking place on campus, and help educate the community on how we can transform USF into a sustainable-minded and ecofriendly university. We aim to provide the student body with a closer look at the sustainable future of USF and share opinions and comments on the approaches we are taking.

With your help we can make the change.

Current Initiatives:

*Compost Bins in all resident halls

*Water-bottle faucet application for water fountains in Malloy Hall

*Campus-wide Recycling/Compost Awareness Program

*Working with other USF student leaders and groups to create more awareness of campus initiatives.

Waste Minimization Project

  • Purchasing office equipment with waste prevention in mind (e.g. electronic interface, double-sided capabilities; sourcing and purchasing for durability, etc.)
  • Promoting inter-office reusable envelopes for campus mail and review/improve campus systems for reclaiming extra envelopes for reuse.
  • Replacing paper documents with online alternatives wherever possible (e.g. telephone directories, course catalogs, room selection, bill payment, grade distribution, etc.) .
  • Offering discounts or other incentives for using reusable mugs in campus dining operations.
  • Establishing post-consumer waste and biodegradable dinnerware composting program.
  • Creating active program to educate employee and students about waste minimization practices (e.g. incorporating waste minimization information into new employee / new student orientation programs; giving regular presentations to campus groups and departments; setting up public displays, etc.).


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