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San Francisco’s City charter

San Francisco’s City Charter, Environment – Section 4.118, established the Environment Commission and charged the Department of the Environment (SF Environment) with regularly assessing San Francisco’s environmental condition, as well as planning for the long-term environmental sustainability of San Francisco.


SF Environment works with community groups and city agencies to actively promote and increase the quality of life for residents. The following are initiatives the city adopted and projects that are in progress:

SForward– Mayor Newsom’s environmental agenda for 2008 and the coming years, including plans for a carbon neutral city government.

Climate Action Plan – San Francisco adopted this plan committing the city to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% below 1990 levels by 2012. The plan outline actions the city can take to meet this goal.

Electricity Resource Plan – San Francisco adopted this plan to help address growing environmental health concerns in the southeast community where two power plants lived. The plan presents a framework for assuring reliable, affordable, and renewable source of energy for the future of San Francisco.

Sustainability Plan – San Francisco developed the Sustainability Plan in 1996. The plan set broad goals across several key issue areas. It identified a wealth of good environental ideas, and most have been put in place over the past decade. For planning purposes, however, SF Environment relies on its three-year strategic plan, which is filed each year with the Mayor and Board of Supervisors.

For a short overview for what the City of San Francisco is doing towards Sustainibility.


Strategic Plan 2009-2011 – SF Environment’s current programmatic goals are outlined in the Strategic Plan, which is updated on an annual basis.

Urban Forestry Plan – San Francisco adopted this plan, designed act a road map for policy-makers and implementers, and identifies five goals critical to maximizing the value of the forest.

Sustainable Foods Initiative – SF Environment, in collaboration with the San Francisco Department of public Health, San Francisco Food Systems Project, the Interdepartmental Sustainable and Healthy Foods Working Group, and the Mayor’s Shape Up Initiative, is now exploring policy options to increase the amount of fresh, local and organic food available to City residents and departments. Stay tuned to this page for future developments on this important topic. More information to come.


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  • 1. Cristian Streeter  |  November 15, 2009 at 11:53 AM


    Campus energy initiatives and installations tour. November 23, 2009 at 4 pm in Kalmonovitz 499

    Michael Avidan of PGE’s Clean Energy Technology, Structured Transactions and Leadership Development – December 10, 5:30 pm Malloy Hall 230


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