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Alternative Energy Grows in Europe

Wind and solar technology made up over half of Europe’s new electricity generating capacity in 2009, as the number of new coal and nuclear facilities fell

More wind capacity was installed in Europe during 2009 than any other electricity-generating technology, according to statistics released today by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).

Wind accounted for 39 per cent of increased European energy capacity, ahead of gas (26 per cent) and solar (16 per cent). In contrast, the nuclear and coal power sectors decommissioned more megawatts of capacity than they installed in 2009, with a total of 1,393 MW of nuclear and 3,200 MW of coal decommissioned.

According to the EWEA report, €13 billion has been invested in wind farms across the EU in the last year, which are now capable of meeting 4.8 per cent of EU energy demands.

Spain is the country with the biggest share of new wind capacity (24 per cent), followed by Germany (19 per cent), Italy (19 per cent), France (11 per cent) and the UK (10 per cent).

The wind energy sector has grown by an average of 23 per cent over the last 15 years, with annual installations up from 472 MW in 1994 to 10,163 MW in 2009.

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US to boost solar manufacturing with tax credits

New York, 12 November: US Senators have introduced a bill that would extend the 30% solar investment tax credit (ITC) to equipment and facilities used to manufacture solar technology.

Solar Tax

Currently, the solar ITC can be drawn on for investment in or installation of solar power technology in operation in the US before 1 January 2017. Under the Solar Manufacturing Jobs Creation Act, equipment and facilities used to manufacture solar power technology would become eligible for the solar ITC. These technologies include solar cells, silicon, evacuated tubes and flat-plate solar collectors.

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University of San Francisco: Building Green Buildings

The University of San Francisco plans to build a 60,000-square-foot science center on its main campus, the latest upgrade of the school’s aging facilities.

The $60 million Center for Science and Innovation would be built at the south end of the 42-year-old Harney Science Building, near the school’s War Memorial Gymnasium off Golden Gate Avenue.

Construction of the building, designed by the architectural firm NBBJ, is slated to begin in May 2010.

The Center is designed to be USF’s first LEED certified building (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), targeting a Gold level rating for exemplary sustainable design. The new facility will:

  • Generate 40,000 kWh of energy per year with solar arrays
  • Use renewable and recycled building materials
  • Maximize use of natural air and light
  • Store rainwater for use in landscape irrigation
  • Feature a green roof, covering an advanced computational studio, to naturally cool the building while reducing run-off

The Center for Science and Innovation is the next step in USF’s ongoing march to sustainability. In the first months of 2009 alone, the USF campus has:

  • Increased solar power generation six-fold
  • Moved to capture 75% of recyclable material from campus waste
  • Placed 3rd in a national campus recycling contest sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Launched “trust the tap” to eliminate plastic water bottles from campus.

Specific challenges are:

* A lack of informal study space for students,

* A lack of appealing and usable outdoor gathering spaces. and

* Dated, aging architecture.

The Center for Science and Innovation will address these challenges directly. Far from “just another building,” the project will completely reimagine the current Harney Plaza, providing a two-tiered commons with an inviting atrium sunken into the renovated and “greened” upper plaza. While still accommodating a host of student events for the university, the new flexible design promises a “living room” for campus. Meanwhile, approximately 15,000 square feet will be created for informal student study and gathering spaces. These spaces will vary from contemplative hideaways for individual study, to high-traffic areas more suitable for group work and events. Most importantly, the Center will make a bold, future-focused architectural statement in the core of USF’s lower campus. This will elevate the university’s external reputation and make a more sophisticated impression on prospective students and other visitors.

Check out the CSI blog and website to stay up-to-date on their new endeavor.

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New Discovery Enables Simple, Inexpensive, and Efficient Storage of Solar Power

MIT chemistry professor Daniel Nocera (pictured at lower right) and post-doc Matthew Kanan recently unveiled a discovery that may represent a major energy breakthrough: a new compound that promises to enable large-scale adoption of truly decentralized, at-home solar power. The researchers focused on harnessing solar energy, since it enables clean, carbon-free power generation and is abundantly available. In this video clip on the discovery, Nocera puts the promise of solar in context: “In around one hour, the amount of sun that hits the face of the earth is what we use in an entire year globally for our energy.” (See the MIT Technology Review cover story on Nocera’s research here.)

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University of San Francisco: unplugged

USFUNPLUGGED is brought to you by the Environmental Safety Community Outreach Liaison’s of USF. Here to educate, assist and encourage, we want you to get involved with the GREEN movement taking place on campus!

Unplugged Rewind