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Recyclemania: Push towards the end!

As the end of the Recyclemaina competition nears, USF is currently ranked 54th out of 260 competing Universities in the overall Grand Champion category.. With a cumulative recycling rate of 35.79%, we hope to have a bigger push these final two weeks. In the Organic foods services category we are currently ranked 4th overall. Great job Dons and remember. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

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RECYCLEMANIA updated results

Current Results—RecycleMania 2010

Below are the top five schools in each competition.

To view the full standings of each RecycleMania competition, please click on the competition name

Competition Division

Grand Champion

USF: Currently in 33rd of 234
Per Capita Classic

USF: Currently 62nd of 305
Waste Minimization

USF: Currently in 85th of 182
Gorilla Prize

USF: Currently in 88th of 305
Targeted Material – Paper

USF: Currently not ranked
Targeted Material – Corrugated Cardboard

USF: Currently not ranked
Targeted Material – Bottles and Cans

USF:Currently not ranked
Targeted Material – Food Service Organics

USF: Currently in 7th of 98

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Keep it up USF!

RecycleMania is underway at USF, with the university hoping to top its 4th place finish in the Food Service and Organics recycling category and 60th place finish overall nationally in 2009. RecycleMania runs through March 27.

Let’s keep USF’s new zero-emission electric Zap recycling truck and Facilities Management’s Mirrain Polanco busy loading and unloading recycle carts for transport to USF’s recycling compactor for the competition.

Photo by Joe Murphy

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University of San Francisco: unplugged

USFUNPLUGGED is brought to you by the Environmental Safety Community Outreach Liaison’s of USF. Here to educate, assist and encourage, we want you to get involved with the GREEN movement taking place on campus!

Unplugged Rewind