Current Green IT Initiatives

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  • Desktop Power Management:
    As part of the desktop power management efforts, ITS will be pushing the Faronics Power Save application onto university-owned computers (both Mac and PC) during the summer of 2009. This software will be able to accurately determine when a computer is idle, and power the unit off or switch it to a power-save state (e.g. hibernation, standby).Faronics analyzes CPU, hard drive, application, and peripheral activity before taking any power management actions. With thousands of electronic devices on campus, this could result in significant energy savings, while helping establish a campus-wide awareness of the importance of energy conservation.


  • Server Virtualization:
    According to, a Storage Area Network (SAN) is a high-speed special-purpose network that interconnects different kinds of data storage devices, such as disk arrays, with associated data servers on behalf of a larger network of users.In early April 2009, ITS replaced its existing SAN with one produced by the company NetApp. This SAN uses newer disk drives with a much larger capacity. Fewer spindles (with fewer trays) are needed to house these disk drives, reducing the amount of energy used.


  • Improve efficiency of Storage Area Network (SAN):
    During the summer of 2009, ITS will begin the process of replacing old servers with virtual machines. Doing so will provide a virtual infrastructure for server hosting purposes, such as new small applications that still require its own server. Multiple virtual servers can be stored on one physical server. Thus, fewer physical servers are necessary. This allows ITS to reduce the environmental cost of our data centers, the most significant of which includes savings on energy and HVAC overhead (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning).



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