The Recycling Program at a Glance

The campus recycling program has recently undergone a transformation. We used to have to provide separate containers for trash, recycling and  NOW compost. We are hoping to have all of the dorms equipped with all three available options. Sunset Scavengers accepts recycling materials commingled into a single container, making it easier to recycle by eliminating the need to pre-sort your recyclables.

The transformation of the recycling program did not end there. With the addition of recycling to the custodial services contract and the purchase of a garbage compactor that included the purchase of sufficient 3yd trash and recycling dumpsters to service most campus locations the program can now offer everyone the opportunity to recycle at their desk. To manage these changes the program has been sub-divided as follows.

The blue deskside recycling containers are collected by custodians on a weekly basis along with office trash. The recyclable materials are placed inside 3yd blue bins located behind campus buildings. This facet of the program is managed by Linda Clardy, Assistant Director, Facilities Management.

The 3yd blue recycling bins, and exterior recycling containers, are collected by a team of Laborers who drive vehicles, called “stinger” trucks specially designed to lift and transport the 3yd trash and reycling bins. They transport the 3yd blue recycling bins to the Underhill pad where they are collected by Sunset Scavengers weekly.

The 3yd trash bins are transported to the compactor on the backside of Lone Mountain where the trash is compacted and collected by Sunset Scavengers approximately three times each week. This facet of the program is supervised by Susan Davison, Associate Director, Facilities Management.

The 2yd compost bins are collected by laborers and brought back to the pad where our newest item has just been installed a Compost Compacter. We are hoping with the addition of a Composting compacter that all of the residential dorms will have an opportunity to compost there items in the future to come.

The remaining facet of the program involves USF Recycles Program who visit the numerous locations on campus collecting cardboard, recycling and compost containers that are too large for custodians to handle (e.g. those found in copy rooms and dorms). We also handle numerous special request such as office clean outs and other “one time” situations that generate large volumes of recycling.

The program recycles aluminum cans, all glass colors, mixed paper, computer paper, corrugated cardboard, and all plastics. The program recycles an average of 15 tons of materials each week. If you have a question about whether something can be recycled or not don’t hesitate to give us a call.

The latest addition to the array of materials we are recycling include greenwaste. This involves collecting the landscaping wastes in special 3yd greenwaste bins that are collected by Sunset Scavengers and composted. We hope to expand to include pre- and post-consumer compostables in the near future.

USF Recycles in addition recycles E-waste. These include items such as computers, monitors, phone equipment, other used electronics including CDs, tapes, and the batteries that power them. These electronic components contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium. As the components break down they leach these toxic elements into the environment. In recycling these items we also take measures to ensure they are not shipped overseas where unscrupulous recyclers often expose third world peoples to these toxicants as they reclaim these metals under substandard conditions. E-wastes for recycling should not be left at the recycling bins. Please call x2705 if a pick-up is needed.


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