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February 9, 2010 at 10:36 AM 1 comment

Are you interested in attending a graduate school that focuses on sustainability, environmental issues, social governance, and related fields? Check out the Aspen Top 100, ranking MBA programs that incorporate these issues into their core.

Click HERE for the list.

About the project:

Beyond Grey Pinstripes is a research survey and alternative ranking of business schools that spotlights innovative full-time MBA programs leading the way in the integration of issues concerning social and environmental stewardship into the curriculum. These schools are preparing students for the reality of tomorrow’s markets by equipping them with the social, environmental, ethical and economic perspectives required for business success in a competitive and fast changing world.

The Aspen 100

This ranking is the result of over 18 months of rigorous research – designing the survey, outreach to MBA programs around the world, data collection and analysis – looking at how well MBA programs incorporate social, environmental and ethical issues into the training of future business executives. Approximately 80,000 pages of data were collected from 149 participating schools.

Quick Facts

The number of participating schools continues to grow:

2007: 111 schools in 18 countries
2009: 149 schools in 24 countries

The number of elective courses per school that feature some degree of social, environmental or ethical content has increased over time:

2005: 12 courses per school
2007: 17 courses per school
2009: 19 courses per school

The percentage of schools surveyed that require students to take a course dedicated to business and society issues has increased dramatically over time, but at a slowing rate:

2001: 34%
2003: 45%
2005: 54%
2007: 63%
2009: 69%

The most popular place to find courses with business and society content is not the CSR/Business Ethics Department. The top disciplines, in order, teaching about social, environmental and ethical issues are:

1. Management
2. Finance
3. Marketing
4. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)/Business Ethics
5. Accounting

Approximately 7% of faculty at the surveyed business schools published scholarly articles in peer-reviewed, business journals that address social, environmental or ethical issues. The titles and abstracts of the 1,211 articles are available on this website.

The percentage of schools requiring content in a core course on how mainstream business can act as an engine for positive social or environmental change remains low, at 30%.

We are always willing to investigate particular questions or issues from the media or other researchers. Our research survey also has information on the social and environmental issues in MBA courses related to:

Academic Disciplines
Business and Government
Business Law
Corporate Social Responsibility/Business Ethics
Environmental Management
Human Resource Management
Information Technology
International Management
Operations Management
Organizational Behavior
Public and Non-profit Management
Quantitative Methods

Survey results also contain information on non-classroom activities such as:

Speakers and Seminars
Internship Programs
Career Services
Specializations and Concentrations
Joint Degree Programs
Centers and Institute
Student Clubs

learn more at


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  • 1. Mario Pinnetoni  |  March 9, 2010 at 6:50 PM

    Hello, A good friend of mine referred me to your site, and I must say that I am very glad that I visited. The information is “gold” to me. I will also be referring some of my friends to your site as well. It is amazing what you can learn online today. Thanks a lot.


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