January 29, 2010 at 5:27 PM 2 comments

by Bruce Mulliken, Green Energy News

A skeptic pounced on me (figuratively) as started to dig the nearly 2 feet of snow on my front step from the record breaking Nor’easter in the U.S. “So much for global warming,” says he. “No, this is why they call it climate change,” say I.

The late fall storm dumped as much as 30 inches of snow on an area stretching from the mountains of North Carolina to the coast of New England. Another massive storm is hitting the U.S. as I write this.

I tried something new with this storm: No digging until the last flake had dropped. The method worked well – much less agony. The neighborhood had something new as well: Two robust snow blowers. Cars, walkways, the alley and the street itself were cleared in a matter of a few hours. While many shovelers stood and watched and marveled at the machines, I wondered how we’ll ever get by without gasoline and the internal combustion engine to do so much work for us.

The fact is we won’t be giving up liquid fuels and engines, but eventually we’ll see more of carbon-neutral biofuels. And, eventually, we may even be sequestering some carbon every time we burn a drop of those biofuels. That is, if Sustainable Power Corporation of Baytown, Texas has its way.

The company has developed a process it calls Vertroleum (R) to make fuels from a variety of bio sources. With the Vertroleum pyrolytic process, bio feed stocks are heated in a reactor vessel in presence of a proprietary catalyst to make an oil, a flammable gas and biochar, which is mostly carbon. Typically this process might be described as pyrolysis, but the addition of the catalyst makes it also a thermo-chemical reaction.

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  • 1. rogerthesurf  |  February 4, 2010 at 4:36 PM

    There might be global warming or cooling but the important issue is whether we, as a human race, can do anything about it.

    There are a host of porkies and not very much truth barraging us everyday so its difficult to know what to believe.

    I think I have simplified the issue in an entertaining way on my blog which includes some issues connected with climategate and “embarrassing” evidence.

    In the pipeline is an analysis of the economic effects of the proposed emission reductions. Watch this space or should I say Blog

    Please feel welcome to visit and leave a comment.



    PS The term “porky” is listed in the Australian Dictionary of Slang.( So I’m told.)

  • 2. rogerthesurf  |  February 4, 2010 at 4:56 PM

    My blog is at




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